Idan Meyer – Hebrew Chants (Kirtan)

It was next to impossible to find any detailed biographical information on Idan Meyer.  Based on his music, he appears to have studied in India where he learned Indian chants and Kirtan style music, which he then sometimes applies to Hebrew.  Meyer is a very common Jewish last name, so it’s quite possible he has a Jewish background or ancestry.

According to this site:

Early in his life, the music of India provided a strong and rich influence on his musical knowledge. More recently, Idan has gone back even further to the land and roots of his musical birthright: a new musical exploration from his own tradition–the jewish tradition–infused with an eclectic eastern sound.

Idan’s passion brings a new life to these ancient, sacred texts.

Idan is also listed as an instructor at the “Ra Yoga – Breathe in Light” yoga studio in Orange County, California.

You can find his music on YouTube, SoundCloud, and ITunes.  His active Facebook site is:, and says he lives in Los Angeles.  His family members are listed with the last name of Hameri.

SoundCloud includes two instrumental songs, “A Trail of Your France”, and “The Treasure in Your Heart”, which are very nice “World Music”, but don’t sound like chants at all.  That site also includes the album – “Songs of the Spirit”, which is clearly more Indian chant based, because chants includes words like “Shiva Shankara”, “Narayani Om”, and so on.  ITunes includes only the “Songs of the Spirit” album.

You might want to learn to read Hebrew before attempting any Hebrew chanting.  The Hebrew alphabet consists of only 22 consonants (four of which are gutterals, and two of those are practical silent in modern Hebrew).  The site teaches the letters, along with some Hebrew chants from traditional Jewish liturgy.

On December 30th, 2016 he presented “A Night of Hebrew Chants” in conjunction with a Hanukkah Celebration in Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica, California.  The only other event I could find was October 14, 2015, “A Healing Music Journey” – Changing, Singing, and Soudn Bathing with Idan Meyer and Gabriel Logan Braun with occured in Venice, California.

Sample Hebrew Kirtan Videos

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh

When Miryam (Miriam), the sister of Moses got was afflicted with leprosy, Moses simply prayed 5 words: EL NA REFA NA LA, and she was healed.  Many people today use this as a Hebraic formula for healing, based on the Jewish Bible (Torah). In the video below, Idan Meyer plays with “The Qadim Ensemble“.

Light – hebrew Mantra by Idan Meyer and Tina Malia