The Holiness of the Hebrew Language

hebrew_holiness_ana_bekkoachYou don’t learn the Hebrew language merely because it is the language of the Bible and therefore deemed sacred. If that is your reason for learning the language, then it takes one person to be religious and be familiar with the Holy Bible for him to study the Hebrew language.

There are fine reasons to learn the language, and one of them is the study of a centuries-old religion and the greatest book of all time The Holy Bible. It’s true that you might be lost in translation as there have been many versions of the original Holy Bible. Some if not most of these versions have not given justice to the original meaning of the words. The Hebrew language particularly the original one is based on an actual definition or what is called literal definition which is a far cry from the image based definition that are taught to us by the Greco-Roman concept of learning modern languages.

However, anyone’s interest might be heightened by extensive knowledge on the Hebrew history, heritage, and culture. The most interesting thing about understanding their language is that it leads you deeper into a wide range of information on anthropology. It is said that there are many ancient tools, ancient texts, and inscriptions that would make you understand more the language, the Bible, and the culture, in the past and the recent.

Nonetheless, being able to understand fully the book of all time that is believed by millions of people of various religious denominations is quite a success in its right already. Not only will it inspire people to do something or believe in something; it also gives you the means to direct your life in a way that’s transformative. Many people big or small regarding social status have anchored their beliefs and principles in Christianity and religion which for the most part would be more understandable to many when the Bible is read in its original language: the Hebrew language.

There are several reasons for you to be inspired by the Jewish people. Being a nomadic people of the near east, the culture that they perpetuated and the language they speak are intertwined. For an adventurer at heart, you would find it a pleasure reading Hebrew literature, not just The Bible, when you know that every Hebrew word is defined by an action taken in the nomadic journeys of the Hebrew people in the wilderness.

The Bible has so many modern translations that most of them have lost the original meaning that can be found in the Bible with the original Hebrew language. It is said that the modern languages all have the Greco-Roman perspective where words are abstract.

The original Hebrew language, however, is a language that is based on concrete action and not profound meaning. When you say Angry in English, it means a lot of things. It can be passive anger, a violent attack, a verbal reprimand and much more but for the Hebrews, it only means one thing: the flaring of the nostrils
in anger.

Another big difference between the modern language and the original Hebrew language is that of function. The modern world says the ark is large, and it gives the modern man a whole lot of images in the mind. However, the original Hebrew language would give you the size and the dimension that tells you of its functions.

In recent years, there are many opportunities that await those who are willing to gamble or take risks. These people are required to make themselves better as well. Often they have to acculturate themselves or learn the basic etiquette at least of a different culture. Other times they have to learn a second language to survive, to communicate better, or to build a career.

The Hebrew language is not an exemption. It is one of the languages that have to be learned, primarily because it is an official language of one of the powerful countries in the world-Israel. It is also the language that unifies Jews from all over the world. In fact being that is the most important reason why Hebrew came to be. And you know how Jews are. Many of the most stable companies in the world
are owned by Jews.

If you have religious endeavors as well, or you are a scholar who is tasked to study the language, you would find it a need to study Hebrew. Perhaps the best thing that you can have when you know the Hebrew language is that you would be able to understand the original language in which the Holy Bible was written. By then you would be able to understand the Catholic Religion which is one of the widely practiced religions all over the world and the most influential as well.

It might surprise you to know that the Hebrew language thrives in actual word definition in contrast to the concept of imagery that the Greco-Roman system that is taught to us from birth. To explain this further, let’s take as an example the word anger. In the modern language, it would mean many things: a violent attack, verbal assault, an insult, or a heated argument. In Hebrew, it means flaring nostrils due to anger. Now you see my point. The Bible didn’t say how big was Noah’s Ark. The size of the ark was told, the dimensions, that is. This is because the second aspect of the Hebrew language that you should be aware of is a function. The
description of the ark was given to elucidate its function.

Before the Hebrew language was only limited to literature and liturgical materials. It was only in the nineteenth century with the persistent efforts of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda who studied the language since birth that it started being used as a spoken language.
In fact, until today there are still groups that think of it as blasphemy to use it as an everyday language.

However, the language continues to be the language being used in most Jewish communities, and it is also the language that is used by the Ottoman and the British Palestine.

So there you go. You have all the reasons to study the Hebrew language when you are given the chance to do so. The best means to do so is with the use of the Pimsleur language audio programs that are available at The Talking Book Store. In this manner of learning it, you don’t have to find a language trainer. You can learn the language even while waiting in rush hour traffic.